farewell twenty ten

we celebrated the new year at home with jared's family. we skiied park city, played pictionary, got really confused watching inception, and i stole a quick smooch from my handsome bearded man as the clock struck midnight.

twenty ten, you've been good to me. you have brought many firsts, which are always one part exciting and another part scary. you've brought adventures and travels to new places, new friends and time spent with the old. you've given me memories to cherish for a lifetime. to you twenty ten!

in twenty ten, we finished our first full year as business people with post-college jobs. and although we have both transitioned into our new roles, it's tough learning how uncompromising and ruthless the working world can be at times. we've each grown indidivually and as a couple we've learned to navigate the ups and downs together. during busy season, i couldn't ask for a better friend at home cheering me on, making the bed, cleaning up after my many messes and cooking so many meals for me as i sit at my desk working late hours. life is always better with the mr.

in january we welcomed haley into our family, marking one of my happiest days ever. she is the perfect fit for my brother and makes his world spin 'round. i adore her and love having another girl in the family after being my parent's only daughter. family is where it's at.

twenty ten marked jared's twenty-seventh birthday and my twenty-fourth. wow! it's crazy to think we were a young twenty-four and twenty-one when we tied the knot. our relationship has changed so much in the four years since we met that first day of class in fall 2006. our first phase was school, dating and getting to know our new life together. then it was a big move to salt lake and getting settled in our first little home and figuring out the work thing, and now i sometimes wonder if we're ready to stretch ourselves again and start a new phase. it's a little intimidating to think about, especially when life is in tune and balanced at the moment.

there is so much to look forward to in this new year--a clean slate of sorts where we can learn from what's come and go forward to be better. thank you twenty ten!

                                                                                                          all my love,


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