24 candles on the cake

summertime brings birthday time for our clan of 2!
me and the mr. will each turn one year older this summer.
i went first and celebrated 24 years of life a couple weekends back.

highlights include:

01. coming home from work to find the mr. home early and my fav Texas sheet cake baked and frosted sitting on the kitchen counter. he lit 24 candles and sang the best "happy birthday" tune I've heard.

02. packing our tent and sleeping bags and driving up the windy mountain roads to join the ward for a campout. it wasn't my initial thought for a great way to celebrate my birthday, but it turned out to be a super fun adventure.

we roasted goodies over the fire and laughed about silly things, and after a night under the stars we woke up to the crisp, cool air of the rockies and the sound of the birds singing. we started our day with a hike to some gushing falls and then drove back to the city where i appreciated a shower and then the couch/world cup.

03. fondue-ing at the melting pot with friends. the mr. and i were first timers and we decided we could be many timers. mmm! the banana's foster concoction with pound cake rated A+.

thank you everyone who celebrated with me and made me feel special!


Sienna said...

Happy late birthday Candace! You look so great, I am LOVIN your hair!!!

VoNique and Jared said...

I'm glad you had a happy birthday! The Melting Pot...mmm! Myers/Lish fondue...mmm! Let us know when ya'll can play!

Tiffany Rumsey said...

Happy birthday- I'm glad you had a great weekend to celebrate!