dads are the best

I have a pretty cool dad who loves me and looks out for me. I'm not sure what's being said in the picture above taken on our wedding day, but I know it was a special day for my dad to hand me off to Jared.

Dad is always up for an adventure, and he can make a boring event fun. I remember the time in high school dad drove me, Skyler and Landon to Denver to see pearl jam and sit in the hot pots. what dad does that! and the times dad let me drive at way too young of an age as we both went to check on the car wash and eat a dq blizzard.

Dad had my back and called me nearly everyday I was away in Italy, always to make sure I was safe and to comfort me when the thick fog set in for weeks at a time, literally. Dad and I share our passions for Italy, Neil Young, road trips, and diet coke.

I can't help but be excited to see Jared build this same special bond with our girls one day. I have a feeling they will learn how to play basketball from their dad and ski with him in the winter months. he will toughen them up on the outside, but really he's a total softy and will be a great listener one day.

one day.


Our Little Online Corner said...

Candace...what are you hinting at...

Candace said...

Haha one day, Mic! I think we're getting warmed up to the idea, but I'm still a little freaked out. If I get one half as cute as Isabelle then I'll be happy.