a trip like old times

growing up there was always one summer vacation i anticipated more than others. it was the vacation where we all piled in the truck and waited for dad (who runs late) to just "finish one more thing" before we drove south with the green boat in tow. a few stops and a couple hundred miles later we arrived in page, az, a little town of navajo residents and hotels on every corner, most of which i've stayed a night or two. years ago mom preferred getting groceries at Safeway, but now there is a new fancy Walmart with everything boaters need for a week. as i helped mom shop, dad and the boys worked on the boat. then we were back in the truck driving to the marina to start a week of sun tanning, skiing and games.

many of these trips were with another family I got to know well. we camped on their houseboat BlueMooners, we launched loaded water balloons at nearby campers and we laughed together a lot.

our two families are grown now. some of us "kids" are married and some even have kids or their own. even though our families have changed lots, it felt like the same old crew on our trip over fathers day. and I loved every minute of it!

highlights of the trip:
rainbow bridge
Dad & Eydie tubing
Mom wakeboarding
strombollis restaurant
using up an old fire extinguisher

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Shannon said...

Love Lake Powell. Sounds amazing.

ps, I have that swim top in the pink/orange combo. Love it.