the easy way to budget

i occasionally get the question of who pays the bills and tracks the finances in your marriage? it's interesting being a numbers sort of gal married to a numbers sort of guy.

before married life i always assumed it would be my role. i like knowing what money comes in and goes out, and i am totally the girl who knows what the going rate is on cd's, mortgages and stocks. and yes, i did sign up for a credit card at age 16 in order to build my credit.

so then i met my numbers savvy guy, and i still kind of thought i would play the same role. you see, jared is very understanding, patient and i guess you could say more laid back than me. if i want to drive something, then he totally supports it and joins me for the ride.

now nearing 3 years of marriage, i have to say jared drives a lot of our bills, finances

and oh the budget.

he's always looking for ways to better track what we're spending and making. he asks his co-workers and friends how they budget to see if we could do something better. he's really been trying to find a simple method to track everything from daily expenses to the mortgage.

we've tried the excel spreadsheet, we've tried our bank's online software, we've tried being irresponsbile - none of it captures the full picture and it's painful to keep up to date.

here is where i present...

it's the perfect way to connect all of your accounts into one central location where you can set budgets and goals. and the best part? it's totally free!

if you're looking for an easy way to track what's yours...
it won't dissapoint.


the hills said...

hey candace, this is kathryn hill (or rather hodgman or rather kelly) & i found you on michelle kelly's blog. we're second cousins! i'm sure we've met but i just had to stop & comment. i swing by every once in a while & just think you're so stinkin cute! oh & the husb & i are OBSESSED with mint.com! we even have the mint app on our iPhones. i cannot say enough! :)

Scott and Brittany said...

Thanks for the advise. I love all the new posts, you take the cutest pictures. I saw your mom the other day she's still just as cute as ever. Hope all is well and you guys are having a good summer

Tiffany Rumsey said...

I absolutely love mint.com as well! It's such a perfect way to budget!!

Marce said...

Hi Candace!
I haven't checked in for a while- and loved finding this as the most recent post...you're such an accountant :)
Actually, Mike made me download this App for my phone and we love it. it's great.
You look lovely as ever! Glad to hear you survived your first busy-season together...ours sucked. well, i say "ours" as if i'm actually doing something to contribute to busy season :)...but really, i'm not.
this is a lame boring comment...mostly i just wanted to say hi, and hope all is well! let us know if you ever are in the Bay Area! we'd love to have you over or show you around.

Sam, Beck and Bristol said...

I now love this. I discovered it through your blog a few weeks ago and now am a loyal user. So thank you. Oh and Sam wanted me to say hi and that we should get together sometime now that we are in Bountiful and not Oregon. I guess it's been a while and I think I actually only met you once like right around when Sam and I got married.