Disneyland & Newport Beach

Ay yi yi! Let's pretend its still October and these pictures aren't two months late. We took a quick trip to California the beginning of October and played at Disneyland everyday expect one when we went to Newport Beach. Emery's favorite part of the whole trip was watching the parade at Disneyland which we caught twice. The music and dancing is totally her thing. She even waved to characters as they waved to her. She didn't really have a reaction on any of the rides. I was hoping the carasoule or Small World would be her thing, but not yet. She also loved crawling free on the sand at the beach. I love this quick trip we take most years and can't wait to experience it all with Emery when she is a little older.


little miss turns one year old

happy first birthday to my little girl! she's lights up our house and completes our little family of three so much that's its hard to remember what life was like without her. until she has a sleepless night or refuses to sit in a high chair at a restaurant, then we remember pieces of our old life. but really, i cherish our first year together so much that i've been a weepy mess thinking about how fast its gone. from those first few weeks of a sleepy cuddly newborn with yummy warm skin to a little babe that could watch mom move around the room and coo and smile right back at me to eating solids for the first time and learning to sit up and now crawling at lightening speed and signing words to us. she digs the playground and is so happy around other little kids so we took her party outside. thank you weather for cooperating! i made this pumpkin cake i found on pinterest, and Emery ate handful after handful and then fed some to Dad. thank you Emery for letting me enjoy this ride of first-time motherhood. its a beautiful one!

21 pounds (55th percentile)
31 inches tall (85th percentile)
11 teeth
she signs "more" really well, and says moma, dada, doggies & uh-oh. she loves cars and will "drive" them all over. books are boring at the moment, but if given the chance she loves to chew on them. her little personality is coming out more and more. we were walking home from the park the other day and she didn't want to ride in the stroller anymore. i let her out two blocks away from our house, and she crawled the entire way home. even across a street--she is constantly dirty! she eats whatever we're eating for the most part. i think she's outgrown her dairy allergy, though she doesn't eat much anyway. we're mostly a vegan house these days, poor jared. i often find myself looking at pictures of emery while she sleeps and thinking of fun activities we can do together or new foods we can eat. love you emmie!

**A huge, huge thank you to Janeen & Jaime for driving all the way from Boise to celebrate with us.**