Disneyland & Newport Beach

Ay yi yi! Let's pretend its still October and these pictures aren't two months late. We took a quick trip to California the beginning of October and played at Disneyland everyday expect one when we went to Newport Beach. Emery's favorite part of the whole trip was watching the parade at Disneyland which we caught twice. The music and dancing is totally her thing. She even waved to characters as they waved to her. She didn't really have a reaction on any of the rides. I was hoping the carasoule or Small World would be her thing, but not yet. She also loved crawling free on the sand at the beach. I love this quick trip we take most years and can't wait to experience it all with Emery when she is a little older.


.candace. said...

What a fun vacay!! Love the pics and love her cute little chubby smile. :)

Chelsea said...

looks like such a fun trip! and especially right now with this lame cold weather! em is super cute, too. i love her big teeth!