love bugs

i think a day in the mr.'s heaven would look like this:

food from texas roadhouse
a new pair of shoes
the best backscratch
a package in the mail to "dick lish" (compliments of loving bro's/sis's)
german chocolate cake
a j.crew tee (psych! but oh i couldn't resist it's too sexy)
calls, hugs, and messages from good pals

and so we spent the day celebrating slash spoiling the mr. with all his faves.

and throw a little crazy family in there too.

we took about 5 of this exact same picture, and someone who likes to wreck havoc on all things photography kept pulling creepy faces.

and i leave with you the words from the adorable card my brother cole (12 years) wrote to jared:

J, thank you for being the best bro-in-law, and
thank you for being so nice to me and loving to me.
also, thanks for helping me with sports and
you're awesome = cool.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Looks like a fun day! I had no idea Jared and Mitch had bdays so close. Let's do a joint party next year ;)

ps, love your wrapping job.