monday again?

we have this term we use a lot at work lately:


in public accounting terms it describes a lot of stressed out people working overtime on projects with unrealistic tight deadlines. i sort of run around like a chicken with my head cut off drinking plenty of diet coke and dreaming of vacation. 16 days my friends!

getting past debbie downer... three weekend happenings.

chocolate berry lava cake   -   mom's birthday   -   boise state sports illustrated


Kris and Billy said...

I definitely don't miss the "tight" deadlines. Still on maternity leave. You can see pics of Grant on our blog... www.bkhewitt.blogspot.com

Kristyne said...

Candace you are so cute i can't even explain how jealous i am of your outfit and rockin body. when i live by you we need to do p90x together and shop! yesterday the whole fam got together to play games and i wish you were here! can't wait to see you guys at lite's farewell.

Scott and Brittany said...

Love your blog! We painted our bedroom gray/blue, but it looks more blue. We love it, you should totally go for it!