push play

i filed boxes of tax returns wednesday and waltzed out of work at an early 3 pm with a skip in my step.

since then it's been about relaxing and organizing and cleaning and then repeating again. my to-do list looked like this:


        scrub the house✔
        wax eyebrows✔
        hang by pool✔
        lunch with friends✔
        update ipod✔
        hang ikea frames✔
        bake pumpkin cookies✔
        decorate house for fall✔
        pictures with jessie
        nap on couch✔

two days off + a weekend means my sanity is back and life is in play mode.

i've missed you blog, and i've missed you friends. but i'm back!


Camille Lewis said...

I hope your weekend of relaxation was amazing. You deserved it.

Also, yesterday I met an Elder Lish who is Jared's cousin!! He was standing in our chapel and I just had to see if you guys were related. Lish isn't THAT popular of a name. Sure enough he is! I told him about how I watched the romance unfold over accounting homework in the library. Small world!

Candice said...

Your house looked awesome (it always does...but I was impressed with the fall decor). I noticed your perfect eyebrows, but thought you were born that way, and I saw the cookies, but did not steal one.

You are amazing. Have a great week.