behind the lens

{christmas card outtake}

i'm on a bit of a photography kick.
not the kind where i'm going to claim "professional photographer" and
open candace lish photography online (won't happen),
but the kind where i setup the tripod and force jared into a displayed outfit in front of the tripod.
i need kids so jared can get a break.

i wanted fresh never-before-seen pictures for our christmas card.
not that it matters, but that's one of many crazy ideas i get in my head and then there is no changing my mind.
so off we went to the canyon with our tripod.
pretty sure jared would rather have been anywhere than standing in front of the lens
while i ran back and forth clicking the 10-second timer.
the whole scenario reads m i s e r a b l e to my honey.
alas he survived and i have the picture above to savor the memory.


Bethany said...

It turned out great! Oh, and just wait until your kids are 2 and they run away every time a camera comes out :)

Haha, my word verification is "croppy." Perfect for a photography post.

Camille said...

They turned out so great!!! We just opened your Christmas Cards... so perfect. I loved them. Russ made the comment "man, Candace totally looks like your style in everything you do." And then I proceeded to tell him how we were inseparable thanks to the core for a good year or so. Maybe sometime in we can live in the same city again. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Candice said...

I need a tripod. That is what I will ask for for Christmas. We usually prop our camera somewhere, but this is a MUCH better idea. You guys look amazing.

Scott and Brittany said...

I love your Christmas card! You guys are so cute. I would still love to get together for lunch soon, maybe after the holidays? Hope you have a Merry Christmas!