as of yesterday, both of us are off the working clock until 2011!
that's sixteen sweet days of freedom--no alarm clocks, no dress clothes, no ticking & tying.
now if i could just freeze time... hmf.

we kicked off the break skiing at the bird, giddy to be out for the first time this season.

here's to hoping for more white fluff over the break.

other plans before 2011? i'm working on a few house projects.

i spruced up this wall with some frames laying around and two new ikea beauties.
it's part of my family room update or rather my first attempt to do anything with that room.
i'm really excited about what's in the works. more on that soon.

also in the house...
we're making a spare bedroom more permanently a spare (stub is moving in for a few months).
we added shutters in place of paper blinds and painted over the multiple swatches of blue hues
among other things. pictures in a week or two.

welcome christmas break!

1 comment:

Candice said...

Can I be in your family? I just want to go skiing so much...and I want a skiing helmet too (only because you have one, and you are so cool).

Thank you for the cards, by the way. So thoughtful. So Candace.