containers & letters

work is absolutely so busy right now and consumes just about everything i do. i think the hardest thing about "busy season" is that i don't have any balance in my routine, i.e. no exercise, little time for cleaning/laundry, and minimal dates with the mr. it's just not a lot of fun.

when life is busy, i tend to make list after list of "to-do's" for when there is time. i'm almost through busy season and my lists get longer and longer. one thing i want to focus on this year is food storage. we've moved into a place of our own and it's time we start stocking up just in case.

i had a few hours the other day and the motivation to cross off something on the list. i went to industrial container and supply co. in salt lake and found some great resealable containers. my crafty friend michelle printed the labels for me and then it was just a matter of arranging and pressing.

my whole idea of food storage is that we should have it and be able to incorporate it into what we're already eating. that way we can cycle through the food, hopefully not letting it go bad. my four containers have a new home in the pantry.


Bethany said...

That is, by far, the world's most stylish food storage! Love it :)

VoNique and Jared said...

So cute! Way to go! Where'd you get the containers? & how'd she do the letters?

Candace said...

Thanks! The containers are from here: www.industrialcontainer.com, and my friend has a machine that's very similar to a CriCut, a vinyl cutter.

Amy said...

W.O.W. You just made food storage stylish.