spring cleaning

forget the fact that it's snowing today. my mind is set on spring, and part of spring is getting rid of the dust that's collected through the winter and brightening things up. on saturday the mr. kindly dusted every square inch of shutter in our home. they are sparkly clean, and i couldn't be happier about it!

this week i focused on brightening up the blog. i'm very pleased with the new arrangement, and of course i must mention jenna at qa design who so kindly helped me. she is a photoshop whiz!

next week and the weeks after, my attention turns to the dreaded the garage, the cars, and the clutter in my spare bedroom.

happy spring!


Bethany said...

Looks great!

jenna said...

candace you're the best :) i love love love the way it turned out.

Kristyne said...

You better get that spare room cleaned out! i'll be living in it soon.

Rebecca said...

this is so so fantastic!!!!!! you're right, jenna is a whiz! i may just want to have my blog done...that is when i stop neglecting it!! love you!

JMay said...

It looks so cute. I love anything owl related, she did a great job.