three faves

do you ever catch yourself telling your husband/friend/co-worker about someone's blog post? and then you get asked who's blog is that. and then usually i have to go into a roundabout explanation about who's blog i've been reading and why. it's great explaining to others that i am a blog stalker.

my blogging hasn't been too hot lately--not a lot of posts, not a lot of life-altering events and not a lot of anything really. it's tax season peeps.
but... you must know that my google reader is working like crazy to keep me up to speed on my favs. i think i make a better reader than writer. it's just sooo much easier.

these are the blogs that make me extra giddy inside when i see a new post.

ruffling feathers, by emily

the fashionista puts all styles of wardrobes together in a way that i could only dream of, she's also a remodel genius & guest blogs at another fave, 21st & ivy. we go back to elementary years at a private school in provo. here's what she just dreamed up for her soon-to-be baby boy:

here is a shoot she styled:

yes, her style is amazing.

SNAPSHOTS {of a good life}, by karen russell

i dream of the day when my photographs will resemble a piece of art more than a 4X6 snapped thoughtlessly. this woman has figured it out! her photos are absolutely stunning, each and everyone one of them, and she's not a professional photographer. although she should be.

the best part about her blog is that she loves to give advice to us amateurs out there. if you're getting into the slr business, she's got all sorts of info for you. like this post or these posts.

her photos are like candy to my eyes.


and another fave, this one perhaps more popular than the others. i just pulled some favs that i have starred in google reader. how stunning are these rooms?

and a completely different style that i adore just the same:

this is what i've been up to. go take a peak. happy monday!


Emily Frame said...

how nice of you candace! thanks for the new links, i will be checking them out!

JMay said...

omg, this decor is amazing. Seriously, so fresh and sleek!