post 4-15 recovery: washington, dc

a few things:

self-timer sucks, and it sucks even more when people are watching you use self-timer
capitol hill neighborhoods are charming
"cute" shoes just aren't feasible in the city (ask my two pinky toes)
our nation's history makes me proud to be an american
i was the designated navigator of the trip,
and the mr. was the history expert slash bag carrier
here's how we did:

this was jared's first trip to dc, and i forgot so much of what i saw when i visited in high school that we were like two newbies. we landed at washington-reagan, dropped off luggage at the hotel and we're tourists walking around the national mall in no time! i loved it. jared was in total awe at the george washington monument (the tall white marbled square). as we walked up to it, he explained the symbolic connection to the masons and told me it was the tallest building in dc. seriously though, he makes a great tour guide! something about reading old man history books and listening to biographies on tape does that to you?

then we found the white house and that was really fun. it's one of those landmarks you've seen pictures of your whole life and to be standing in front of it is surreal. jared went crazy with the pics, zooming in and out and focusing on every object in the picture.

arlington cemetary was eye-opening and sad. it makes me grateful to the masses of people who are buried there and died fighting for our freedom, and grateful the mr. lives with me and isn't off at war. the sheer amount of graves in every direction of the big cemetary is almost hard to fathom. just graves everywhere.

finding the air & space museum was like discovering the twisty slide on the play set. it was amazing! airplanes, planets, stars, space and all that jazz was cool in fifth grade and it's still the same cool these days. in fact maybe more. we saw a replica of the space station, the wright brothers plane, world war I fighter planes, ah! it was right on.

more to come later. it's late and even the mr. is ready for bed.


Camille Lewis said...

what a fun trip!! also, love the pictures. you always have a really great eye for pictures...

anyway, i'm glad you guys got away! now on to the slow season!!

VoNique and Jared said...

When did you guys go? I feel so out of the loop! We need to play again really soon. I'm not in school right now so my schedule's a little more open. Glad you had a fun trip!