you say who?

yesterday i was at a town hall meeting for my company. our salt lake city office used to be a part of the pacific northwest sub-area, and after some restructuring we're now a part of the west sub-area. it doesn't change much other than my boss's boss changes and other important people have taken on new rolls. the purpose of the meeting was to meet these new important people and chat about the restructuring. not exciting.

i continue my story at the town hall meeting... i'm sitting at a table enjoying lunch with my co-workers plus an important energetic dude, my boss's new boss, who was also at the table mingling with us. this guy has a zest for life like none other. he's cracking jokes and telling stories of his crazy kid and we're laughing and all is well.

then somehow my co-worker starts talking about how i'm a transplant from seattle because i interned there and then started full time in slc, ya-dee-dah we've all heard the story. i don't consider myself a transplant so i speak up jokingly to defend myself, and my boss's boss interrupts me with, "oh my gosh. you speak just like the ex-governor of alaska!"


sarah palin? really? because i've heard that 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times before but can't come to terms with it.

so it is.

tina fey hit the hockey mom maverick right on! i'm going to assume it's just the tone and sound of our voices that are similar. i can't possibly sound that unintelligent.

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Christina and Ryan said...

Unless you have changed dramatically since I've last seen you, you do not sound like Sarah Palin. And I'm just throwing this out there: if you had a New York accent, you would never remind anyone of Sarah Palin. Ever.