up and functioning again

i've been on a sort of hiatus from life, blogging included. i'm learning that's what happens this time of year for a tax accountant, and i'm just now surfacing from the exhausting cave that is busy season.

i filed over 75 returns in a few months time for entities from partnerships to non-profits to llc's and corporations. it's all becoming my world, and i'm getting more comfortable with my work. i helped some family and friends file returns this year, and i plan to do more on my own next year. it's a bit of fresh air to be able to do simple returns start to finish in a couple hours time and to lend a hand to those i know.

aside from me having no life and my little blog being deserted and the house decor coming to a hault and the lack of exercise for my body that's been living on fast food and the house getting dirty and me not ever seeing my accountant husband, etc.... there is a strange satisfaction in accomplishing so much work this time of year. yea plenty of days were really long and yes i dreamed of wearing comfy sweats snuggled with the mr. on our couch catching up with each other while watching our favorite shows. but there were plenty of days and weeks that i wondered how the time had slipped from between my fingers so quickly. days where i wondered what i did between the time i pulled out of the garage at sunrise to the time i drove around our street corner that night to reopen the garage and slip my car in. i'm a total sucker for a good productive day, and this time of year is full of them.

so yea, in a nut shell i survived busy season and felt an extreme sense of accomplishment in doing so. now i'm onto better things like getting my life back and working on a little something called "balance."

the house is half-way clean. on saturday the mr. and i visited not 1 but 3 grocery stores to fully stock our barren kitchen and pantry. the trunk of the car was completely filled and the back seat served as the grocery overflow. is it strange that we regularly shop 3 stores? harmons for fresh produce, meat and bread. costco for cheese, bagels, juice, and let's be honest, whatever other extra items end up in my cart. and wal-mart for everything else. what a pain!

i ordered some fancy shoes from piperlime to dress up and go on a date with the mr. they are gems and let it be known they were on sale.

i also got my hair cut and painted my toes an orangey spring color.

and now i write to you as i travel home from a vacation to our nation's capital the district of columbia. a few days time with the mr. away from alarm clocks and work has been much enjoyed. you could say i feel like a new lady!

{last night walking around the national mall.}

more to come from me and the mr. here in our nest as we get some balance back in our routine.

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Tiffany Rumsey said...

That is such a cute picture of you two- gorgeous sunset!! I'm glad that you survived busy season and that you've been able to do some relaxing things.