i have some co-workers who are becoming runners, and the talk at the office turns to running pretty often these days. a group of us ran running with ed earlier this year in park city,
and we had a ton of fun cheering each other on.

i loved the race, and i loved feeling in shape for the first time in a while. so i kept the ball rolling and signed up for a half marathon without much thought. it was a bold move,
and i don't think i really understood my commitment until i drafted a training schedule and started some of those longer practice runs.

but lo and behold, d-day arrived today. or rather this morning at 3:30 am when i woke to a very dark house. i left at 3:45--this is am remember?--to catch a bus in american fork that dropped me off at the starting line eight miles up american fork canyon. the race clock started at 6 am, and i worked my way into steady jog down the cool canyon. from the canyon i ran through cedar hills and into american fork, passed the temple and finished at dad's alma mater af high.

my longest run before today was eight miles, and surprisingly i felt great through most of the race. at mile ten i had what felt like ten knives grinding into my stomach, aka side ache of death. i walked for about 30 seconds and ran the last three miles with a side ache off and on.

overall, great experience and i think i would do another half.
but seriously, i don't know how anybody gears up for a marathon. i felt exhausted and so pleased to see the finish line at half that length. those people are hard core.


JaNae and Scott said...

Good for you Candace...someday I hope to join that group of people classified as runners...I'm going to have to get my but in gear!

Chelsea said...

good job! you practically ran through my backyard and didn't come say hi? kidding, but only kind of. i miss you!

Sara Marie said...

Yeah girl! I'm so proud of you! Maybe one day I'll be brave enough. Till then...Well I don't know. I'll be on the couch. <3

Tiffany Rumsey said...

Wow- good job!! That's awesome! I had to stop running a few weeks ago because I'm just too big now but i miss it already!! :)

Candice said...

Rock on!

I am actually salivating over the boulder lake hike. I love love love to hike. What a great summer!