i'm sore

along with my family room update, i started another big project in the midst of last busy season. cause you know i needed a few things to do.
my co-workers talked || persuaded || forced me into joining them in a relay race in park city.
it's shorter than ragnar that they participated in last year, and at the time i liked knowing it would whip me into shape in time for summer.

who is not a runner? this girl.
who hasn't consistently worked out in loooong time? me.
and who didn't credit park city's ginormous mountains as more than a novice race route? yea.

i trained a lot over the last few months. me + treadmill = many date nights.
i ran a 4-mile stretch followed by 7 miles, & had a lot of fun cheering on my team in between.

how am i today? in one word... ouch!


Camille said...

Congratulations! That looks like such a fun race!

Candice said...

I am impressed, and you look awesome in the last picture.