home stretch

my friend diana took this holga of my neighborhood.
i'm completely obsessed with its imperfect lines, the red trax train & gorgeous sky.
i may ask if i can make a print of it for my new frame collage.


speaking of mi casa... we're on the home stretch of the family room update.
i have wallpaper samples scattered to & fro
while i try to decide on the perfect fit for the accent wall.

and i've been busy diy-ing these beauties from the classifeds.

when i was out spray painting last week, a friendly neighbor who i hadn't met before stopped to say hello. turns out she is a diy genious and is lending me her staple gun for the reupholstery. bless her!

i'm so excited to wrap up this project when i'm back in town. in just two short days--wahoo!


Candice said...

I love the picture---it makes me feel so metropolitan.

And wallpaper. I am impressed. It so so late 80s, (as in we have not wallpapered since our Mom did our family kitchen by herself in 1993). Is it hard to do? Is it harder or easier than painting? What about cost? I had not considered it, but I think that I might just have to wallpaper an accent wall myself.

Diana said...

I'm glad you like the picture. You can totally print it if you want. Good luck on all of your other projects!