day 1

i landed in the windy city of chicago just a few hours ago.
i wish i could say i'm here with the mr. wearing bright-colored summer clothes gallivanting around this great city.


it's windy / cold / raining.
i travelled with my briefcase, heels and tax paraphernalia.
i'll spend the next five days immersed in classrooms & books leaving no time for seeing the sites.

i'm a little sad + lonely, but hey you might get a few blog posts out of me.
if nothing more, my pinterest account will be updated with lovelies.
are you pinning? we should be friends!


Drew said...

Chicago! I love Chicago! Have super fun...and miss the Mister tons. I noticed I like wonderful places even more when Candice is with me.

Sarah (: said...
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Shannon said...

Please tell me you're waiting for Oprah standby tickets?! ;)

So glad you're pinning now too! It is the best internet invention in recent years.

Sarah (: said...

Thank you for introduced me to pintrest. It's definitely my new favorite website. (: