memorial weekend vacay to...

nü yȯrk si-tē

thursday we hopped a plane from slc to jfk
took the metro into manhattan
where we partied for five sunny days.

we exhausted our feet walking the streets day & night,
stopping to eat at local restaurants,
admiring high-end fashion and watching masses of people crowd the streets.

we saw two broadway shows--catch me if you can & phantom of the opera.
i loved them both! i fell in love a little with the phantom's orchestra.
that music!?! my oh my.

we rode on a boat to the statue of liberty
& stopped at ellis island before returning to manhattan.

sunday afternoon we (and a bajillion other people) walked across the brooklyn bridge.
such a sophisticated skyline.

we stopped for dessert almost every night,
even just to pick up ben & jerry's to take to our room.
one night we came across magnolia bakery by chance.
the mr. walked in, spotted his fav german choco cake,
and had ordered a slice before i finished my pass through the cupcakes.
ha! we sat together in rockefeller square and shared the cake.

ten years ago i visited nyc for the first time.
i remember riding the elevator in the world trade center tower & the spectacular
overview of the huge city from the top of that sky-high building.
it's now one huge construction zone, with no towers,
and will forever be hallowed ground.
we and many others stopped to pay respect this memorial day to all those
who lost their lives.
a memorial will be complete this fall,
and a new tower is being constructed slowly.
we toured the small visitor's center
where i snapped the following photo of those who died.

such a tragedy, but neat to see the area in person.

that's a wrap on new york city.
so fun - so full of people (& food) - so not relaxing - but so worth it!


Camille said...

that looks like such a fun trip!! I haven't been to New York since I was pretty young, so I'd LOVE to go back. I'd also LOVE to see you soon! Lunch sometime?

Kim and Preston said...

How fun! I love New York! Glad you enjoyed it and I am happy that you are back safe!

Erin Masi said...

Ah! What a great way to spend the long weekend!! So sad I didn't get to see you guys while you were here!

VoNique and Jared said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Lucky!

Chels said...

yay coming home to the bachelorette! ps i creep your blog now! friendship