boulder lake

we followed tradition and celebrated the fourth of july in boise with the lishes.
we added a twist this year and spent three days
backpacking near mccall, a posh mountain area a few hours north of boise.

our original hike failed when we couldn't drive the truck through
the foot of snow on the roads to get to the trailhead.
so we wound up at boulder lake,
still with snow but quite a bit less than where we first planned to go.
somewhere there is a video of a sledding adventure. in july. whoa!

i spend way too much time indoors and sitting, and i loved all the exercise
i got this weekend and being in nature.
we couldn't have found a better setting for hanging with the fam.
hope your holiday weekend was stellar.


Camille said...

Oh my goodness... I'm in McCall RIGHT NOW!!! We are renting a cabin on the lake and it is so gorgeous! I love it up here. Glad you had a good weekend!

Shannon said...

This is seriously our kind of weekend and looks like such a good time! You should have brought Mitch with you--he's dying to go camping but finding it hard I can't go in my hugely pregnant state!