this guy

it's his birthday today and i'm so excited to celebrate with him.

you know he opens otter pops for me every time i eat one,
and that he insists i cut his hair even though i'm no stylist.

he's more of the cuddler (one reason i love the photo above),
and he watches the bachelor with me.

he claims to wash more dishes than me, but there's room for debate on this one.

football makes fall his favorite time of year,
even though watching byu & bsu play makes him visibly nervous.

he's a bit of a shoe hoarder, loves a good taco
and dreams of the day he can buy solely from amazon.com.

this guy is pretty right on.

happy birthday j!


Sara Marie said...

YAY! Happy Birthday Jared!

Camille said...

This picture of you guys is adorable. I love the two of you together, and hope you have a fabulous day celebrating his birthday :) Happy birthday Jared!

Sean, Rachel, and Jakob said...

Happy Birthday! Are we seeing you guys at Dland this year?