tour di lishes

ahhh i live for house projects lately! anything i can do to spruce up a space on the wall or pretty a corner in a room makes me smile. it's been one year since we moved into our townhome and i want to share some projects/rooms i've been working on.

family room painted shelves:

i saw a similar display at alice lane and asked for the paint color. it always helps to see a color on a wall before you paint. this area of the house gets a little update with every season--yellow for summer, christmas wreath in another month or two with a nativity on a shelf, berries in winter, etc.

master bedroom bedding:

we used to have a brown pinstripe duvet on top of our bed. i liked its masculine style and it was so heavy in the winter, but there was too much brown with the duvet and the dark wood furniture. so we swapped the duvet (almost literally, we sold the old duvet on ebay) for this one from west elm. the gray quilt at the foot of the bed is the quilt i made with my grandma here, and the random shams are from target and anthro. next in this room is paint and draperies.

master bathroom:

we added the rug (also from west elm) and a few hooks and nic-nacks on the wall. it needs paint and something more... just not sure where to go with this one. does the rug look familiar?

guest bathroom:

we had paint leftover from the shelves in the family room and so we thought why not see how it looks as an accent wall in the bathroom. the green undertones of the paint show more in the bathroom, and i love the drastic dark contrasted with the off-white. then we pulled in black & white pictures and a waste basket and clock made of wood.

pendant lamp:

jared just installed this light from cb2. just $50 and we got rid of the classic glass mounted light and added a touch of modern flare.

so there it is--tour di lishes one year after we started making it our own!


Kristyne said...

everything looks so good! can't wait until i can call this my home.

Camille Lewis said...

candace everything looks SO great! (you too, jared!) lovin' the West Elm appearances.... sigh....

Russ and Emily Jones said...

i love your style! i wish most of my home decor came from west elm and antrho but i have to admit 98% of it is from Walmart. someday....

Candice said...

You should be on that design show. You are so talented.

Jenn said...

Your place is beautiful! I love everything about it and you are so good at finding accents. Just beautiful! It has been a while. How are you guys doing and how is the real working world treating you?

Our Little Online Corner said...

Have I mentioned my obsession with grey and yellow? LOVE YOUR BEDSPREAD. I might drive to SLC and steal it, so sorry about that. Your house looks molto bella, great job!