i feel refreshed

Refreshed because i spent my first saturday in one long while stress free—no homework, no tests.
Refreshed because i spent a full day with the mr. laughing, eating, playing and driving around salt lake neighborhoods.
Refreshed because i finished my quilt with grandma and absolutely love how cute, adorable and snuggly it looks. grandma sewed so much more than I did, but I’m taking the chance at saying i did it because i think this might be as close as i get to "making my own” quilt.

Refreshed because, GASP, i started exercising again, and even though it doesn’t feel good now and i’m sore, i know i’m better for it.
Refreshed because there is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I feel like a new woman who is proud to say, i am no longer a student.

hopefully this means more time to blog, more time to read novels, and i’m itching to get started on one of those great before & after projects you see at places like design*sponge.


Rebecca said...

I LOVE it! The quilt turned out so fabulous! And the fabrics... ooh so lovely and fantastic! You are just a regular little Suzy!


Dani Marie said...

The quilt is beautiful! AND- yay for being done! Congrats, miss =)

What are your plans until you start work?? Is Seattle on the list?!

Candace said...

Yes Dani, Seattle is on the list. But probably not until August-ish. You know I will be up to see you and shop and eat good food. :)

VoNique and Jared said...

Love love LOVE the quilt! How long are you guys around? We need to play again!

Hayley (and Kyle) said...

So cute!!!! You've inspired me-- I totally just whipped out my sewing machine last night; it had been neglected in the crazy months of moving. That quilt is beautymous!

Hope you're doing well :)

Jessica and Reecey said...

Can I hire you to make my baby bedding? You are amazing.

Mic and Jazzy said...

Oh my gosh the quilt turned out FANTASTIC! I remember you buying the fabric and starting it- I can't believe you are done already.

Also- congratulations on not being a student! Horray!

Elisa and Jake said...

I absolutely love this quilt! You did such a great job. I wish I was there to quilt with you! and Jake wishes he could talk sports with lish more often. Miss you guys.