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are you all ready for fall? because it's here and i have a smile on my face!

the other day i pulled out the decorating bins or crates should i say (they are big enough to fit small people in them), and i organized christmas/valentines/halloween/summer/and all my other junk. i pulled out my sparkly pumpkins and dusted my fall wreath before draping it over the front door. as soon as i get 5 minutes while i'm out, i'm stopping at the store to buy a real pumpkin or two to sit on my porch. then i think jared and i will carve those pumpkins when it gets closer to halloween. i love the four seasons--winter less than the others--and the change they bring!

fall used to remind me of going back to school and ending my summer fun at the lake, but it also meant soccer was starting and i got to go shopping for clothes with mom. for one season, fall meant falling in love and planning my wedding. ohhh, that was a wonderful season! nowadays fall brings football and decorating our little house, along with blessed tv shows airing again and hearty home-cooked meals.

friday we left work early in the afternoon and went with friends to maddox on our way to logan. the food met all the rave reviews we had heard and the drive through the canyon was absolutely beauty-ful! we blasted billy joel and sang all the lyrics our hearts desired.

we made it to logan, spent 3 miserable hours watching the cougars die a quick death against the aggies, and then piled back in the car and cued softer music for our night drive home.

once we debriefed the game to clear the mr.'s mind, we chatted and laughed like there wasn't a worry in the world. we talked about everything from how excited we are to ski the slopes to what motivates people to do things (he's reading a book on the subject) to how we've been married 3 years this month.

ah fall! i welcome you with a big hug.


Candice said...

Oh, long talks in long car rides, in beautiful canyons, and Maddox's. All of this sounds wonderful---except the BYU loss. So sad. Well, at least the Aggies are happy.

YOU HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR 3 YEARS!? I had no idea. You are pro.

Russ and Emily Jones said...

lucky!!!! i LOVE Maddox!!!!!

Lisa Michelle said...

Love the fall post! Makes me miss Utah in the fall. :)