music makes my heart sing

now that we're done with busy season and i'm breathing easy again, i have time for something oustide of the wake-up - shower - eat - work - eat - sleep routine. that's not to say i didn't occasionally blow time on keeping up with the kardashians or get a little sidetracked on my way to pickup lunch at the glorious gateway, but seriously life is just so much better post busy season.

i'm on a mega quest to add more artists/albums to my library. if you've seen me in the last week we've probably talked about music because i'm curious what you all like these days.

-----------------» seriously, SPILL - THE - BEANS.

my dear sis (do i need to use the word in-law? ugh i don't like that word but that's what she is. we'll use sis) has a blog and she's always adding new music. i go to her blog and play the music when i get ready in the morning or at work if i need to check out for five. she's living the college dream and is super hip. if you need new tunes, you can count on a song post regularly. check her out.

here is a mix of stub's music and some other great songs i've found, new & old:

                      +  First Aid Kit / Ghost Town
                      +  Brandi Carlile / Have You Ever
                      +  Rosi Golan / Hazy
                      +  Brett Dennen / Ain't No Reason
                      +  Crystalised / The Xx
                      +  Band of Horses / Laredo
                      +  Mindy Gledhill / Hourglass
                      +  Iron & Wine / Kingdom of the Animals
                      +  Pearl Jam / Just Breathe
                      +  Rosi Golan / Think of Me
                      +  Ray LaMontagne / Beg Steal or Borrow
                      +  JJ / You Know

you could call it my "chill" playlist. i hope you like it!

other playlists i'm listening to here and here.

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Chelsea said...

me too! i love learning about new music. my favorite right now are priscilla ahn and meaghan smith...but you probably know of them already. we should hang out once in awhile and we can share new music!