weekend recap

friday night the mr. and i went out on a date. he was in a great mood from finishing a really busy week at work and golfing friday with his buddies & co-workers (they are one in the same). i took friday off and went to the new target in slc (bless you) and did a whole lot of nothing. it was beautiful. in the afternoon i found a new lemon chicken & pasta recipe and got to it. it's my favorite to cook dinner for jared when i have the day off or i'm at home working. i lurve it! turns out the recipe was nasty or i didn't know how to cook it (could be the latter). i was bummed. jared used 50 shakes of salt and pepper and assured me it was good as he finished off his plate (bless him).

the mr. had been wanting to see the social network so after dinner we drove to gateway and buried ourselves in the seats at the theatre. i wasn't not wanting to go, but i made sure we saw life as we know it last weekend before seeing the facebook movie and i've pushed for lots of other dates in the last three weeks since the movie came out. bad idea! i should have listened to him on this one. the social network was nothing short of fascinating! the story behind the harvard student mark zuckerberg and the invention of facebook blew my mind.

the rest of the weekend was history. we ate chocolate molten cakes with ice cream and raspberries and mom made a deliciously large turkey dinner sunday, 10-courses or something. and we mixed up another batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies too. if we keep going like this, we will need to roll ourselves to holiday parties! we watched football and movies and cuddled on the couch. i thought about what i could give to jared for our 3-year anniversary next week. and i even started thinking about christmas gifts. i know i'm about 2 months too early, but what's a girl to do.

and here we are on another monday morning... i wish you a lovely week!


Camille Lewis said...

so uhh... that lemon chicken & pasta recipe wouldn't have happened to be a Giada recipe would it? Because I'm pretty sure I did the exact same thing -- thinking I was so cute by making my husband a delicious meal, and it was nasty! lots and lots of spices to cover it up.

anyway... love the scarf. you are beautiful my friend :)

Tiffany Rumsey said...

Thanks for the chocolate molten cake recipe. that's my absolute favorite dessert but I've never been able to make it very well. Can't wait to try this!!