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it snowed last night making me wonder if i live in hell. my toes froze through the night and i woke up to shower in a cold house before braving the wind on my walk from the car to work. brrr! it was cold on saturday but i stayed in all day and cooked soup with fuzzy socks on. that's just the difference. the snow is okay if you are skiing or staying in. under most other circumstances, the snow is suggestive of hell. to its credit, the white-capped mountains are glowing with beauty! i'm eager to ski with jared, and the app i downloaded has all the utah resorts with up-to-date snow fall and lift openings/closures. i'm trying to focus on the good people but it's just so darn cold!

luckily we're escaping to sunny california this week for some time with mickey + minnie. a post-busy season vacation racing around from ride-to-ride at disneyland will be quite the fix. just hoping i don't have to watch jared and zach take on a turkey leg again and i don't lose my phone on splash mountain. a newly discovered disneyland app gives current wait times on every ride in the park. how's that for planning purposes? here's hoping at&t 3g works in the park.

item three is anticipated as much as christmas! yup - we're celebrating our anniversary this week! three years of jared + candace. we're working on dinner plans now, maybe venturing out for something new. not sure what else the mr. has up his sleeve. more to come on this.

***i've been combing etsy for hours in search of a "would-be" christmas card. what happened to simplicity and clean lines? the cards resemble 90's scrapbooks--so overdone and cheezed. make my own? i wouldn't know where to start. hmmm.***

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Our Little Online Corner said...

If you are looking for a modern and clean Christmas card, check minted.com. They always have stuff I like.

Also, we had the disney ap last time we went and it was awesome.

And lastly, I miss that snow just a little bit. A LITTLE.