back in brunette

i’ve been playing with the idea of going dark again. i get a little sick of the same “do” after so long. i took a big jump monday, and here’s where i’m at these days:

last time i was here was circa 3 years ago in grand ol’ italia. oh how i miss those days!

{shown here as “can-dah-che,” aka the most HORRENDOUS Italian pronunciation of any word}

i’m getting lots of:
“hey, what did you do different?”
“is that really you?”
“wow. have your eyebrows always been brown?”
and my personal favorite… “wait, you aren’t naturally blonde?”

gotta love it!


VoNique said...

You look so cute!

Christina and Ryan said...

I love brunette Candace!! Brown hair makes your teeth look exceptionally white. Is that a weird comment?

Candace said...

No, it's not a weird comment. I actually noticed that--random! I'm still in that phase where I can't walk past a mirror without doing a double take. So I notice all sorts of weird things.

miccolene said...

I love love love it! Sometimes it feels so nice to have a change, you feel like a whole new person. Haircuts tend to make me feel reborn.

Ryan ♥ Breelyn said...

I love it! I am the same way I get so sick of the same old hair. I'm always changing the color. It looks great on you! The dark is so much easier to maintain! My dark roots were killing me! That's funny about the eyebrows. Once I went dark I realized how totally dark my eyebrows are! Fun change!

Dani Marie said...

From one brunette to another- welcome back!! I love it.

ms-mclaws said...

You look beautiful! (as always) but i have to say I am a fan of brunettes!

Marce said...

you're so cute and gorgeous. geesh. can you help my hair please? i have a hair-cut appointment next friday... i am going to do a post next week sometime for suggestions because i am in a hair- RUT!

you've inspired me to take a big-change-plunge!

Rebecca said...

Um... love it!!! You didn't mention the hair color change when we talked yesterday... hello big news!! I think it looks great! And as one of Caroline's funny A&F t-shirts says, "Brunettes have brains!" haha! xoxo