cookies for jared

every saturday i sit on the couch and flip through a few of my favorite cookbooks, partly because i'm entertained by pictures of yummy food and classy entertainment, but mostly because i get really sick of eating tacos and pasta. i like to try new recipes. some are better than others. i'm reminded of my recent try at gorgonzola pasta, which the mr. and i tasted and within seconds the entire dinner was washed down the drain and we searched quickly to find something to replace the terrible taste in our mouths.

last saturday as i sat flipping pages and jotting down ingredients, jared joined me and said a few "mmmmms" and awwwwws" as i passed different dishes. at one point we passed a recipe for peanut butter cookies. just like a little kid, jared told me they are his favorite cookie and talked about how delicious the little kiss was on top.

i haven't seen a lot of him this week, and he's gone again tonight. i stopped at the store on my way home and i'm currently baking these:

i thought i would surprise him with a few cookies and a note. so mooshy-gooshy, i know, but everyone likes an unexpected treat.


Mic and Jazzy said...

Mmm those look good, I will take 20. Thanks.

Marce said...

those are MY favorite cookies too!!

so are you going to bake ME some????

teasin! what a lucky dude jared is to have a lovely wife like you... all mike gets from us gals these days is poopy diapers and dirty laundry!!! :) again, you've inspired me to be a little more thoughtful. xoxo