the times they are a changin'

today was a great day. i left work at 4 and hopped in my car to go to school. only this time, i went to school not just for class but to order this:

my graduation getup is officially on its way! i've hesitated for the past few weeks about whether or not to order announcements together with the mr. or separately. after all, the announcements are going to the same places and will show the same degrees. the ladies helping us today finalized the decision--we are going to share announcements so hopefully it turns out to be a good thing.

we walk in just 7 weeks and will be saying our goodbyes to everything school--adios tanner building, sayonara to late nights and the crappy music that plays in the library at closing time, peace to fighting for parking spots even with the little "g" sticker (last week i nearly took it out with this chick who cut me off to steel a spot and then starting mouthing and moving her hands at me like she had been waiting--ewww), and tschau to packed lunches and textbooks. can you tell i'm ready to graduate?

but it's not all roses. i keep thinking--what about the farewell to all those wonderful peeps who made life worth living the past few years. and what about football and basketball, and free food from the firms, and what will i do at a real job. i can't just say, "i've got school," and then bail. yikes!

it is time for a change, and i'm ready for it. i never knew it would feel so bitter-sweet.


Dani Marie said...


I know exactly how you are feeling! 9 weeks left here. Can you believe how fast it has gone by?! While I am thrilled to be leaving Pullman, part of me will miss it. We are growing up!

ms-mclaws said...

I TOTALLY can relate. This whole "ending college" thing is way bitter-sweet. But CONGRATS on getting (mostly) through this heck of a year. You deserve way more than a diploma.

VoNique and Jared said...

When do you leave? We have to chill lots before then. I'm going to miss you guys!

Mic and Jazzy said...

IT IS THE BEST FEELING EVER. Ok maybe not but it does feel pretty good to see your name all fancy on a diploma. Definitely worth the slave hours at the library.