coconut cupcakes

jared cooked dinner yesterday, and i promised a yummy dessert to follow. for some reason cupcakes immediately popped into my head, and i scoured the internet for the perfected cupcake recipe.

if you've ever been to sprinkles, you know they have got "the" recipe. i came across two recipes by candace nelson, the co-founder and pastry chef of sprinkles. she released her vanilla-peppermint recipe to oprah here, and i also found her coconut recipe in the la times here.

i made the coconut in regular and mini size and really liked 'em. you can't say they are quite the same as the real deal, but they are a close second.

*****becca, do you remember when you lived in newport and would tell me, "i really need to stop eating sprinkles because if not i'm going to turn into a cupcake!" you frequented the hot spot and rightly so.*****


Marce said...

geeze, i've been searching around my apartment for the last 10 minutes for some sort of treat because these look so good...and all i can find is old halloween candy (the rejects)...some leftover candy-canes (you can only take so many of those)...and...
a-once-defrosted-now-frozen-again Popsicle. it's really depressing.

Rebecca said...

Oh yes... how I love Sprinkles!! Thankfully I have now moved back to Utah where there is no cupcake shop 5 minutes away and I no longer am a cupcake! I blame part of my California weight gain on Sprinkles cupcakes... oh how I love the Sprinkles goodness!!

You coconut ones look good... a regular baker you are!!