weekend recap and a suit story

jared wore his suit to church today!
background on that: he looks extra handsome in his suit, and
he usually opts for a more comfortable dress pant with shirt sans jacket
despite my weekly efforts and pleas.
we made it all the way to church, walked into the chapel and found a seat,
and another 15 minutes passed before i realized my handsome church date was wearing a really attractive suit!
i looked over and whispered to him words of praise.

now we're bundled up on the couch listening to music. not too much on our minds, and
a yummy japanese dinner cooked by the neighbors will be served in an hour.

this time of year is so hard for me. our jobs roar like a wild fire and demand so much of us.
life loses balance so quickly, and i turn into a stress bomb ticking and tocking day and night.
fortunately, the mr. stays composed and handles it like a champ.
it is the profession we chose (why?), and in a sense it does get easier and we get more accustomed to the lifestyle, but it's still my least favorite season of the year.
i rely so much on weekends to fulfill the weekday void and lift me up.

this weekend really was so lovely.

friday night we shopped gateway and spoiled ourselves with cafe rio.
saturday i painted my nails red, rolled MAC's "russian red" on my lips and
headed outside with sparkly heart props to take valentine pictures with the mr.
more on that later, but here's a quick preview.

and today i was surprised with my favorite suit-wearing date at church.


Camille said...

I loooooove these pictures! SO cute. I'm excited to hear more about them. And I totally hear you on the weekend thing. They take so long to get here, and fly by way too fast. But I still live for them :) Here's to another busy season!

Russ and Emily Jones said...

Russ will never wear his suit to church either. One of these days I'm hoping he will surprise me like Jared did you. Also I love your pictures and I wish more than anything that the red lipstick I own looked good on me.