resolution no. 3

plan a weekly menu.

i know life is in order when i spend time on saturday planning lunches & dinners
for the following week, and then i go to the store and buy all of the groceries i will need.

it fixes the problem of getting off work at 6 and then trying to think of something to make
followed by jumping in the car for a quick trip to the store,
only to start cooking dinner way too late.

it fixes the problem of wondering what to buy at the grocery store
and buying items that sit in my fridge unused until i dump them in the trash.

it helps me eat more home-cooked meals and less taco bell dinners.

and i think there is something about a home-cooked meal,
especially when i have the right ingredients and know what i'm making.

here is my inspiration.

from ollibird.

this post concludes my 2011 resolutions.

here's how i'm doing with resolutions no. 1 & 2:
i joined my neighborhood book club this month and am reading googled by ken auletta.
and i'm baking bread like crazy.
one month down, eleven to go.

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Our Little Online Corner said...

I'm impressed, I've always wanted to do food planning but I just haven't gotten there. Also, isn't that bread recipe the BEST. Mom makes it so often that it keeps me stocked. I love it.

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