yellow & navy

shannon and i threw a baby shower for my neighbor valerie.
valerie and i work together in young womens and have been friends since i moved in fall of '09.
she's a quick walk from my front door when i am baking goodies
and realize i need just one more egg.
you know that friend.

pregnant women in my neighborhood are popping up as fast as flowers in springtime.
seriously i'm quickly feeling outnumbered.
i've been to so many showers and bought too many carter's outfits that all look the same
so i've started giving handmade gifts.
i sewed a set of bibs for valerie and paired them with some baby spoons.
i oo-ed and aw-ed over them for the entire two weeks i spent sewing them.

and now, the yellow & navy shower:

shannon + valerie || me + valerie:

we served soups & salad with shannon's yummy sour dough bread
& my daily cracked light wheat bread:

presents galore:

the ladies:

lemon bar favors to go along with the yellow & navy theme:


Camille said...

Looks like such a fun shower! And I love the color scheme. So fresh. :)

Don't worry Canda-che, I'm in your "babyless" group to help you feel like you aren't so outnumbered. At the party we threw this weekend, there were about 15 couples there... we were one of TWO couples that didn't have kids. Wowzers!

Chelsea said...

um, so cute! i need events to plan and pregnant ladies to give presents to ( i have a whole stash from mr. r that he never got to wear). cute shower, and i love navy and yellow! good job! are we going to hang out soon?

Lisa Michelle said...

Everything is so cute! I especially love the favors. yummy!