a walk around

jared & i played christmas music and watched the snow fall outside during
a utah storm a week ago. we couldn't resist adorning our house with a little red+green.

a lish christmas:

the miniature nutcrackers are new this year, and i'm so happy to have them.
the rest of the decorations can be seen in a christmas past.

i made a goal this season to finish my holiday shopping before december. over zealous?
it's looking like it. i've got four days left and my shopping list has more lines
without checkmarks than with.


VoNique and Jared said...

Way cute! LOVE it!

Shannon said...

Love your decor! We put our tree up last weekend, lol, because I couldn't wait any longer.

Candice said...

You are perfect. Down to the triplet pillows plumped the same way. You inspire me!

JMay said...

Oh la la the tree & wreath look wonderful! Not to mention your house is gorgeous!