a thought on gratitude

i serve in the young womens at church & it's been a blessing in so many ways.

during the lesson this week, a story was told about a man who many years ago worked for a university in idaho. he traveled the state regularly and was often away from home for 2 weeks at a time. on one occasion of saying goodbye to his small children and leaving the house for another trip, his daughter came to the door and waiving goodbye said, "Come again, daddy."

the man missed his family, and on one particular weekend away from home he found himself near extended family. he excitedly joined his extended family for church service one sunday. the bishop invited him to the stand and while the bishop introduced the man, he said,
"Brothers and sisters, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a job like Brother Benson? he’s always on a trip.'
the man thought, ‘Yes, how true to life.
distant pastures usually look greener.’

it's so easy to focus on where i want to be or to wish i had this or that.
this story reminds me to give thanks for my situation, for where i am, and for everything i do have.

wishing you all a happy thanksgiving!
cupcake toppers here. i plan to use them this week.

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