un po di nocciola

if the god's of gelato could only make one flavor, it would be nocciola.
i first fell in love in leini, italy where the hazelnut cream stole my heart.
photos above from a gelateria in newport.


it's been a busy 24+ hours.
i took friday off because there isn't a thing to be done at work - hallelujah -
and i've got many pre-holiday tasks to tend to.

i cleaned the house yesterday morning before my mom came to help me cook a triple batch of spaghetti sauce and 50 meatballs. she is a whiz in the kitchen! she dumped a little of this and a little of that to make the most tasty of sauces. and i think she spent 20 minutes total gathering ingredients for meatballs and individually scooping them to baking sheets. we finished in time to get chinese food for lunch and i was home at 1 pm with an afternoon free. so naturally i dove right into the big storage bins in the garage that are home to all things sparkly and red+green. i may have a tall lighted object sitting in my family room right as we speak! more on that friday. then i cooked pasta noodles and attended an etiquette dinner with the youth in our ward. after a lengthy cleanup and past the point of exhaustion, i slowly walked home and crawled into bed.

jared and i laid in bed and somehow started telling each other knock-knock jokes. not the ones you've heard before, but ones we made up using inside jokes and ridiculous phrases we use around the house. i laughed and he smiled. it was the perfect ending to a busy day.

so grateful for time off of work, nocciola gelato & the man in my life.

and looking forward to the thanksgiving holiday in five days.


Jaime Lish said...

I am excited for your Thanksgiving break in 5 days too!

VoNique and Jared said...

I think I'm going to need to hear some examples of the said knock knock jokes.

Candice said...

Nocciola...quoting Mater in "Cars" (which I watched every day this week), "You hurt your what?" (imagine that in a hillbilly accent).

You have a cool Mom to come over to do meatballs, and I am ready to be inspired by your Christmas decor.