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we spent thanksgiving in boise and in a few words
it was scrumptious//lazing//numbing//heartbreaking.
more on that in my next post.

despite battling a nasty & heavy cold, i hit shopping hard over thanksgiving checking off many of those must-have gifts for my lovelies. i joined the forces at the mall and clicked my mouse from home, enough so that i still might make my goal of wednesday. maybe.

here are the three best deals i have to share:

no. 1
banana republic sweater

jared is asking for a couple of work shirts/pants for christmas. he's very traditional and hates the "metrosexual" style as he often reminds me. i showed him pictures of a few sweaters i like, and this one passed the test. after 40% off black friday + br luxe card rewards, the price went from $75 to $30 for a silk/cashmere sweater.

no. 2
$100 nordstrom rack card

groupon in san francisco was featuring a $100 card to nordstrom rack for $50. that's 50% off already discounted prices at a store i love. yes please! i'll use the vouchers this week to get a few things for jared. i love their dress clothes & shoes. hopefully i can stretch it a little further and find something for the impossible-to-shop-for dad or brother.

no. 3
alice in wonderland/bourne ultimatum/the princess bride

target had a great black friday sale on dvd's. we draw names in our families, and this dvd trio fit the ticket for a lucky sibling. bourne ultimatum and princess bride came in at $5 each, and alice in blue-ray was $10. even better, i scored the deal friday night after the early morning shoppers were likely sleeping at home from exhaustion.

what about you? how did you tackle black friday?

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