holidays round one

the mr. and i loaded up in the car and drove to boise for the weekend. he saw bsu play on the blue turf and i enjoyed some girl time.

i took my sewing machine to boise so janeen could help me set it up and show me the basics. i found some cute christmas stockings on the web, and it turned into our project for saturday.

{the girls: me, janeen, stub, jaime, erica, alexa, brenda}

little alexa is absolutely beautiful. we all just watch her every move and fight over who gets to hold her next. and how about that hair?!?

the best part about thanksgiving holiday? there is another holiday just around the corner.


Emily Frame said...

your stocking is the CUTEST! i love grey and green.

Elisa and Jake said...

i love those stockings and jared's hat

Kristyne said...

I love how when you put everyones name, my name still remains stub. You are right, i should have put an S on my stocking.

Camille Lewis said...

cutest stocking ever.

Rebecca said...

love the stockings! they turned out fab. can't wait to see them in person!

Tiffany Rumsey said...

Candace I love your stocking- you're so talented!! So, I'm glad that we can stalk each other's blogs since I'm not around any more :) I miss you girls!