i left work monday afternoon super sick--achy body, cough, chills, and flat out exhausted. i hit the couch hard monday night and was fast asleep in bed at 9 o'clock. i woke up yesterday so sad and worried that i would have to spend thanksgiving week at home, sick, without grandma's ravioli and the planned weekend in boise.

and so i convinced myself to get tested for the swine to get a handle on what my body was up to. with new health insurance and the recent move, it was a feat in and of itself to find a doc. one doc could get me in as soon as monday. i said with my raspy voice, "monday as in one week monday???" please you have to be kidding! i eventually found a nearby clinic that takes our insurance.

has anyone told you how they test for the swine? well you should know just in case it happens to you. they swipe your nose with a 6-inch long cotton swab, and it feels a little like the cotton stick is poking your brains out. terrible experience. who am i kidding? i've never been one to handle the doc very well.

so the results... not only do i not have the swine - i don't even have the flu. {insert massive jump and shout here!!! thanksgiving plans may resume as planned.} i've got some sinus issues coupled with the common cold, and "i need to drink liquids, rest up and steer clear of the public." let it be done! i'm already doing better today and i hope i'm back to 100% tomorrow, fingers crossed.

so what am i thankful for this year?

my health. grandma said to me a few months back that jared and i would have a wonderful life together, and that our hard work in school would pay off, and that as long as we didn't face any health problems we would be two happy lovebirds during our time here on earth.

my new ward. as i sat in sacrament meeting last sunday, i felt the strongest confirmation that this is exactly where the mr. and i are supposed to be. we're supposed to be in this ward, living in this house and building these relationships with all of the people here. what an answer to our prayers of the last 6 months of house searching and pondering our whereabouts! our neighbors are great people with such tremendous backgrounds who are teaching us a lot. the people here have been so welcoming with all kinds of weekend gatherings of food & games. what fun!!!

my savior. i see his hand in every aspect of my life, and for that i am grateful. he truly is the light and life of the world.

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Lance and Chelsea said...

so sad you're sick! that's the worst. i hope you'll be feeling better soon and that we can get together again!