halloween recap

halloween is always an interesting holiday for me. i'm not super creative, i wish i knew characters of movies better, and i married someone who isn't too crazy about the dressing up holiday either. although i hear he used to be?

our friends put together a murder mystery party, and jared and i planned to go and hang out for the night. i had been sweating thinking about our costumes all week.

so here's how our halloween went:

12:00 log online to the murder mystery website to discover characters. jared is a dracula and i am a devil. not too hard - definitely could be worse.

12:05 lose focus on costumes. jared's back to football and i'm studying for the cpa.

4:00 make witches brew to share at party.
note: this is a new recipe.

5:00 back to costumes. jared needs a black cape, face paint & teeth. i need horns and a tail. we hope wal-mart isn't sold out, and we remember texas roadhouse is next to wal-mart. witches brew is still not at a boil.

5:15 jared cranks temperature on stove to 10 and witches brew starts to boil.

5:30 we're off to dinner and wal-mart.

6:30 bumping into a million people in the costume aisle at wal-mart. i find a kid's devil costume kit and the mr. finds his cape and white face paint.

7:00 get home. whiff witches brew as i open the door. smells fantastic. taste witches brew. NASTY! bitterness overtakes my mouth. jared starts dumping sugar and other objects into witches brew.

7:15 party time in 15 minutes. CRAP! we throw on costumes. i paint jared's face while he "fixes" witches brew. we think, do we take the witches brew at this point?

7:30 we walk to party with witches brew finger's crossed nobody asks questions.

i drank water at the party.

till next year,
happy halloween!

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Camille Lewis said...

you guys are hilarious. i love your recap... you sound like you get as excited about Halloween as I do.