yours are the sweetest eyes i've ever seen

monday marked two years with the mr. i've been sick for a few days, and he's been hitting the books for a cpa test he took this week. we celebrated yesterday with dinner at chili's followed by the first jazz game of the season.

it's crazy to think two years have passed since we officially tied the not. despite still not having a wedding photo album and the few remaining unused wedding gifts that linger around the house, we've come so far--we finished school together, we moved to a new city, we found things like skiing & pasta that we both love, we each have our tv shows we watch with each other, and we enjoyed the journey to figure all of this out.

the mr. makes it a point to surprise me with a little something on our anniversary. his surprise this year has a nice sound.

can you guess?

you may be wrong for all i know, but you may be right.


Kristyne said...

I can't believe its been two years! Im so glad you are my sister in law!

VoNique and Jared said...

Doesn't it go by fast? Did he get you an mp3 player? Or a new cd? I give up....what was it? By the way, I'm officially inviting ourselves over I'll get my work schedule tomorrow night...then it's planning time!! = )

Candace said...

folks... i swear someone would pull through as a billy joel or elton john fan, but nope.

"yours are the sweetest eyes i've ever seen." - elton john, your song

"you may be wrong for all i know, but you may be right." - billy joel, you may be right.

we're going to the concert nov. 20! i think it's one of maybe 3 concerts we will both enjoy. wahoo!

i gave the mr. hints by setting our morning wakeup music to billy joel for like a month now. :) i'm so creative.

stub, i love you!

and vo, yes please let's plan.

Russ and Emily Jones said...

i am SO jealous. but i can't justify BUYING tickets to see Elton John when i can see him for free at the COLLOSEUM in ROME. know what i mean? i hope it is awesome!

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary, my 2 year is in a couple weeks too! Weird! It goes by so fast! That blue bookshelf is ADORABLE, can you make me one!!!! I want it!