what to do

the mr. is leaving me for a few days to work in mexico. i'm getting ancy for a little house project while he's out. what will it be?

#1. decorate bedroom

i sold our old duvet and bedding set on ebay because i knew i wanted to start over in our new room. the mismatched random blankets and the exposed box springs just aren't cutting it. decor8 featured this fantastic bedding yesterday.

and how great would it be to do up the bathroom in the same kind of prints?

#2. make a snowflake corkboard

i think this would be fun in the kitchen decorated with christmas cards. and it feels so festive for the season.

#3. whip up some of those cute christmas cards

cause you know you're going to want some. does anyone else use etsy as their homemade goods guide? i get so many lovely ideas from those crafty folk.


Anonymous said...

Look how creative you are!

Michelle said...

you are such a little homemaker!