i'm a planner

and i need a new daily planner to keep me on track. i've been using a $5 byu school-year planner that i will miss dearly, but it's time to say our goodbyes. i want something stylish, not too bulky, and functional. where should i begin? your thoughts are appreciated.


Dani Marie said...

I found mine at Target...my favorite place in the world!

Jessica and Reecey said...

I always hit up the BYU Bookstore. But once I graduated, Barnes and Noble became my go-to source for planners. I too, would die without my planner :)

Scott and Brittany said...

Franklin Covey!!! They have so many styles and all the right stuff to fill it up with. I'm out of town the next 2 weeks, but we need to get together soon I promise it will fun:)

VoNique and Jared said...

I'm an electronic organizer girl. I know I know, it's a little nerdy, but it's so much more efficient. I'm a huge list maker, and I can make an many lists as I want in that thing with out it getting bigger. Also, you don't have to continually rewrite your contacts list when you change planners, or have old addresses scribbled out. And you only have to enter in repeating event once and then just tell it when to make it repeat. I could go on, but I better stop there. I'm excited for Sunday, I need to talk to Jared and come up with some good ideas!

Rachel Z said...

This Paper Source planner has been my favorite for the last 2 years. I figure after I've gone through all 4 colors it'll be time to find something new, but not until then.

I used to use the DayMinder BYU planners and this is as similar as possible (monthly pages at the front, weekly pages afterward) but much more stylish. It's bright and colorful and fun, there's plenty of space so it's a practical planner, the back has a few sheets of adorable stickers to denote special occasions as well as all the normal "notes" and "list" sections.

The website says it's out of stock online right now, but call the stores and they'll send it to you. In fact, if you find yourself in a city with one of the stores stop in because they have more options than the website. Good luck!


VK said...

I dunno? I figured you to be an electronic calendar girl. Synchs with your computer at work and at play. My phone calendar suffices perfectly.
Aunt Vic (who you really don't know - but what the hey)