i went out with the girls

where: esa, salt lake city
when: last week
what: taylor swift concert
who: rossy + friend + friend's niece + me
why: dancing and fun

i found myself in the midst of a teenage girl's haven tuesday night at taylor swift's fearless concert. (i loved it - who am i kidding) the show kicked off with "you belong to me" complete with cheerleaders dancing and every jr. high girl in the state screaming. you would have thought it was an archuletta concert. you also had the occasional father there with his 13-year-old (dreading his life of course), and then there were the older die hards.

my co-worker and concert buddy since i was a wee teenager--rossy--and i drove to ogden in 2006 to see taylor open for someone at weber state. we met her after her performance. don't believe me? we made t-shirts to show that we meant business.

best part of the concert: the finale "you should've said no" under a waterfall.

**have you heard jon schmidt's combo of taylor's "love story" mixed with coldplay's "viva la vida"? find it here.**


Kelly and Bryce said...

I loved the concert!! It was amazing! I really loved that waterfall, and that mixed song, it was so fun!

Ryan ♥ Breelyn said...

Oh man everyone I know that lives in Utah went to this concert! Man I am so jealous!

Michelle said...

looks like a blast...I am secretly jealous. Reagan can sing every single word to her "love story" song.

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing the Jon Schmidt link. I love it.