my little road map

{image here from flickr}

ever feel like there are so many roads to choose from?

in the beginning it involved decisions like pink or purple, bike or rollerblades, pop rocks or skittles, then it quickly evolved to which boy to date, where to go to college, and what crowd to belong to. as i grow older i’m greeted with more decisions, and harder decisions. will this ever stop? too many decisions freak me out.

a couple of you asked, “what now?” in regards to the graduation post. some things i know, some things i find myself stuck in rut choosing which road to venture, and when. maybe you can help, or just listen.

· we are working full-time at an accounting firm in salt lake, different departments but the same place. is it a good idea to work for the same company as your spouse? still don’t know that one. i start in july. the mr. in august.

· we’re not sure whether we should buy a dog. we’re debating - inside or outside dog, lab or mastiff. i’m trying to get the mr. to understand that a mastiff resembles a horse more than a dog. they are enormous!

· we aren’t expecting a new addition to the family, but it’s in the near future. but when? and how do you know when you’re ready?

· we just ordered i swear a pallet worth of study material for the cpa exams. we will be studying and testing this summer? ew, the thought of it makes me a little queasy. i say my life in school certifies me to sign off of taxes, thank you. i do not need more tests.

· we wonder… to be tied to a massive mortgage or live in the trailer park? where do we live in slc? east side or west side? downtown or suburbs? new or fixer-upper? our housing situation is a huge hurdle that’s quickly going to catch us. way too many decisions involved with this one!

i'm not sure if this answered your question. if not, you at least understand we're in limbo on more than one decision. i guess that's the fun of it!




Jessica and Reecey said...

I am so BEYOND thrilled to hear that you will be moving to SLC! You will LOVE it here, at least we certainly do. We live right downtown, just west of the capitol, in a neighborhood called the Marmalade District. We love the area, and the ward. There are dozens of charming older homes that are just screaming your name. Trust me, I can hear them :) Good luck with whatever you decide, and congrats again on graduating!

Russ said...

hey, it sounds like you've got it together more than we do! And I am jealous you are going to get a dog, Russ refuses to ever let me get one but i'll just have to keep working on him. I'm excited for you guys, good luck making decisions!

The Cox Family said...

Don't you just love life and all it throws at you. It was fun to see you guys looks like you had tons of fun in Hawaii. Shirlyn

VoNique and Jared said...

I'm losin' it Candace. I remember you said you already had something going on on Sunday, but I can't remember what....or how I know that. Did we talk on the phone? Was I asleep or something? Anywho, I'll let you know what my work schedule's like when I get it tomorrow cause we still need to play....alot before you leave!

Lisa Michelle said...

I feel your CPA pain. Literally.

Ryan ♥ Breelyn said...

The Hawaii trip looks nothing short of AMAZING! Fantastic! You guys totally deserve it! I think the idea of working with my husband sounds so delightful! Ryan and I are always trying to figure out how we can swing that-but we are in two very different areas of study :( that is our dream to work together so I think it's great! You'll love SLC. We've been renting for a while now and we are ready to purchase a home but man it's a tough decision. We're waiting to hear back from graduate schools for me and then decide. If we buy, the areas we love are Sugarhouse (my most favorite), the Marmalade District is a cute one, anything on the east side. There's some affordable houses a little west of the freeway that we love, but then again its west! Its all about location! Location location location! But the prices go way up the more east you go so I don't know. We're in the same boat you are trying to decide!

Mic and Jazzy said...

Candace. I totally feel your pain. I say totally YES to buying a dog. You know me, I love dogs. Although a mastiff is definitely huge and would weigh more than you.

We wonder the same thing...mortgage...no mortgage... is it worth it to get a nicer home just south of the point? I don't know! Good luck with your decisions!

Kelly and Bryce said...

Wow! This looks like quite the vacation! How long were you there? And I love those Downeast swimming suits, they are darling! I sure wish I was in Hawaii!!!

Jen said...

Those are tons of big decisions. Good luck. It is good to hear that you are staying in Utah.